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We love dogs and we love what we do, it is because of this that we aim to provide a high level of service, making sure both our clients and their dogs are completely happy.

We take into account the age, breed and temperament of your dog and, if you wish, can provide socialisation programs for your pet. With Wags you have the reassurance of a reliable, trustworthy service which includes much more than just walking a dog.

How We Work

When your dog is collected from your home they will be taken out into a safe environment, like  park or beach and will either be walked on or off the lead (usually off unless otherwise stated).

The dog will be walked with a small group of other dogs for an hour - smaller walks are available for the younger or elderly generation. During the walk small treats and throwing of a ball will be offered to promote exercise.

After the walk is over we will safely return your dog home ensuring there is enough water to last your dog until you return home yourself. I will also ensure that your house is locked and secure before our departure.

Why would you need a walker?

You are working full time.

You are going away on holiday.

You are no longer able to walk as far as your dog needs.

You are unable to walk your dog as often as you would like.

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