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We are reliable, friendly & and professional dog walking and pet care company.


Our ethos is to provide unique tailor made services that suits the demands of both you and your 4 pawed friends. We have one stong philsophy and that’s to be friendly, flexible and fun!!


We will always

treat your animals with the same love, care and devotion that we give to our own!


We’re here to help relieve the worry and anxiety that per owning in today’s busy lifestyle can bring.


With us you can leave home guilt free, as your pet will be in the best possible hands.

From dog walking or cat sitting so we fully understand your

requirements, We have an enrolment form with many questions to ensure we get all the information needed to provide the best possible service for your little friends.

Daily Visits Include

Watering plants

Putting the bins out

Opening/closing curtains

Post collection


Feeding, giving fresh water daily

Clean litter trays where necessary

Time spent with them so they don't miss their daily cuddles

Small Animals (Rabbits & Hamsters etc.)

Food & water provided daily

Cages cleaned out

Lots of Cuddles

Treats given if necessary


If your animal is on medication, we are well trained and competent in administrating all medication (veterinary experience)

Prescription diets fed


Long term medication


All keys will be kept safe until you return home, they can be returned to you by arranging a final visit to your home to ensure everything is yo your satisfaction - please do not hesitate to tell us otherwise.

We strive to maintain and provide the best service possible for you and your furry or feathered friends.

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